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Website Overview – We perform a thorough inspection of your website, working as a detective would checking all past work done on the website to ensure it’s cohesive to all SEO procedures for canonical structure, site speed and all the other important on page SEO factors. This part of the service is where things can get a little more technical.

Traffic Generating Keywords and Analysis- This is a very important stage of our SEO procedure. We research keywords that will generate high volumes of traffic and conversion for your new potential clients. Mastering your niche market and giving you that ROI you are striving for to grow your business. You will be advised with a keywords list and traffic counts but ultimately you will have the final say in what keywords we go after.

Competition Reverse Engineering – This is by far one of the most important steps in our SEO procedure. We will find out what competing companies are generating traffic in the top positions, and then we will go through all the backlinks and site structure to find out what is providing these top rankings. With a combination of FirstWeb.Site top ranking factors and our best practices we will have a combination of Search Engine Optimization that will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Monthly Reports and Meetings – This is one of our favorite parts of the procedure. It’s not just an email with a ranking report, each month we will connect via Skype or phone to discuss the traction we have gained in the search engines. We will then discuss monthly plans and any and all questions will be answered. FirstWeb.Site prides himself on good, constant communication and going the extra mile for his clients.

All technical services and information will be included in SEO Quote.

This overview details the steps to our success. Please let us know if you are interested in the more technical side of our SEO services we will be happy to discuss that with you as we proceed.

Advantages of Ranking High with Local SEO and Small Business SEO

One of the main benefits of Local SEO (search engine optimization) is that it can help your business thrive, by funneling more and more visitors to your website. Google is used by just about everyone in the world, and so that means you can broaden your horizons and widen your potential customer base to include those in other states or even countries. But local SEO is different: it focuses on helping you reach the people in your area. Many businesses today have begun to focus their attention on local SEO. Now it’s no longer about ranking high in Google searches when people look for keywords associated in your niche. Now it’s about ranking high when people limit searches to particular locations, such as a particular city or state. And for many businesses today, growth can be encouraged with the right implementation of local SEO. We have generated many clients with focusing on London Seo services. Here are some of its advantages:

  1. Local SEO helps potential local customers know about your company. A lot of people today use the Internet in the same manner that people long ago used the Yellow Pages. They want to know the local businesses that can provide for their needs. By using proper local SEO solutions, you can then make sure that your potential customers will find out more about your business. Google can show them not just a link to your website, but also a map to your location and links to reviews of your company from previous customers.
  2. You can boost your interaction with mobile Internet users. Mobile users use the Internet in a wide variety of ways, but two are becoming more common. The first way is to instantly provide information about a local business. So when someone on the road needs to find a restaurant or a local hardware store for supplies, then that need can be addressed right away. The other common way of using mobile Internet is to review and find discounts on particular items while the user is already out in shopping centers. For example, if a user finds a gadget in an electronics store which they may want to buy, they can go online and find reviews about the brand and the gadget before buying. They may also discover whether they can get the gadget cheaper when they buy it from another store. With local SEO, you can then present your business as a viable alternative even when shoppers are already in a competitor’s store.
  3. You can save more money. If your business is limited to a particular area, then it doesn’t make sense in paying for advertising and marketing that reaches people in areas you don’t serve. For example, a law firm is usually limited to a particular city or state, because their license doesn’t allow them to practice in other states. In such case, focusing your SEO efforts in your state will ensure you can reach your target market and at the same time, save money on your SEO campaigns. Today, local SEO has become so successful that even businesses with a wide reach choose to focus on particular locations. If you own a small business, it makes perfect sense to focus on your market using the right local SEO strategies. We have combined local and national rankings to become the best seo company in London.

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